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Information / Notice: Schach Pro wird voraussichtlich zum Januar 2022 eingestellt. Chess Pro will be shut down appr. in January 2022.

Screenshot of the mobile Chessgame Pro versionWelcome on Chessgame Pro. Chessgame Pro is your online chess website to play chess against other players around the world.

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You played already many chess games? Or you just want to learn how to play chess? In both cases Chessgame Pro could be a good choice for you. Chessgame Pro is for chess experts just like for chess beginners. Every chess player is welcome!

Start an online mutiplayer game and play against a randomly selected opponent. Of course it is possible to play against a friend. Register for free to manage your chess contacts.

Playing an email game is another chess mode available on Chessgame Pro. Get a chess opponent by random or choose an opponent yourself.

Chessgame Pro is free in the basic version and provides chess without limits!

We are sure you will be comfortable on Chessgame Pro. We offer you not only a modern and user-friendly layout, but also am mobile version for playing chess on your iPhone or Android device.

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What makes chess so special and interesting?

One of the oldest and most popular board games

Screenshot of the Chessgame Pro in desktop versionChess is not only many years old, but is also played by millions of people around the world. Named after the Persian "Shah" for King, it could convince already many players.

It shall be presumed the classic board game bases on a four-person game from North India. In the 13th century chess was already regarded as popular game in Europe.

With the 6 chess piece types King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn are diverse moves and games possible. For example many chess openings, the moves at beginning, were documented and named. Overall 16 chess pieces of each player allowing an individual chess game feeling.

Because of this diversity and the reasoning needed for playing chess, chess is so popular around the world. On Wikipedia there are even several articles about the board game chess.

You are not familiar (enough) with the chess rules? No problem. Chessgame Pro helps you improving your chess skills and give tips for getting started.

The chess rules

Schachbrett von Schach Pro zu Beginn des SpielsA chessboard has 8x8 fields, 64 overall. On each field one chess piece can be placed. It is the goal of the game to attack the opponent's king ("check"), so he would be captured in the next move ("check mate"). If it is no check and the opponent can't move any piece without causing a check, one calls it a "stalemate".

The player make their moves one after the other. On a chessboard the pieces have to arranged in a way the white queen is placed on a white field ("white queen, white field"). Black has the other site and is second-order, so White can make his move first.

Only the Knight can jump over other pieces. All other pieces can only be moved over free fields or can capture an opponent's piece. A short introduction in the chess pieces:

King: 1 field in every direction, after move he may not be attacked by any opponent's piece

Queen: Until the next piece in one of the following directions: diagonal, horizontal, vertical

Bishop: Until the next piece on its diagonal lines

Knight: Can jump over other pieces, until 8 possible fields he can move to, move pattern: 1 field diagonal and 1 field straight, but the target field may not be directly next to the old field.

Rook: Until the next piece horizontal or vertical

Pawn: Moving him its first time, you can move him two fields straight forward, otherwise he may be moved only one field straight if this is empty or one field diagonal to capture a opponent's piece on this field. If a pawn reaches the opponent's base line, the pawn may be promoted into any other piece (but not a king of course).

Tip: Play now online chess. Chessgame Pro displays for every piece the possible moves if you click on it. Playing chess is the best way to learn it :-)