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About website

You are only allowed to use the following data to contact us. We do not allow using this data otherwise (e.g. to send us advertising).

We are a German provider. So we have to inform about our website with an "Impressum". This page is just a short form for our English visitors. You can see the original form here.

Data in compliance with § 5 TMG:

Owner/provider of this website:

Tristan Radtke
Lühnstiege 6
48151 Münster

Information about the Company behind this website:
Tristan Radtke
Kleinunternehmer i.S.v. § 19 Abs. 1 UStG
Court of registration: Amtsgericht Münster, Germany

e-mail for general requests: network [ at ]
Phone number: +49 1573 8088933 (no support!)

All agreements concerning this website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with German law. Place of performance is Münster, Germany. The courts of Münster, Germany shall have (exclusive) jurisdiction.

Our sources

Chessgame Pro uses different sources for images. We thank for the country flags

...Unicode for the chess pieces graphics