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Information / Notice: Schach Pro wird voraussichtlich zum Januar 2022 eingestellt. Chess Pro will be shut down appr. in January 2022.

Here are the answer for the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Chessgame Pro.

Chessgame Pro

How can I play chess at Chessgame Pro?

You can play an online live game or an email game - both also as non-registered user. Playing an online game both players are at the same time online and see live the move of the other player. In case you decide playing an email game, every player has a few days time during his move.

Why should I play on Chessgame Pro?

There are many advantages for choosing Chessgame Pro:

How can I offer a draw?

You can offer a draw from the 8th moves. If the other player does not accept it and does his move instead you have to wait another 8 moves until you can offer it again.

How can I change the confirmation time?

Nothing is more annoying than a wrong click or "touch". That is why we introduced the confirmation time at Chessgame Pro. Depending on the settings, the move will be send automatically after a few seconds or you have to to confirm it explicitly.

As a registered player you can change the confirmation settings. Guests can not change the default confirmation settings.

Can I take over my points as a guest?

Yes, you can and should. If you delete the cookies in your browser, your score is lost. Just register in the browser you played with before and your score is directly imported into your new account.